< Food Away from the Western Front


Participants were interviewed during the course of the project and we’ve included some of their comments below. All projects supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund are evaluated against several outcomes, of which the most important is that ‘People will have learnt about heritage’.

Each of our projects is different and achieves slightly different outcomes, but the comments below give an insight into the impact of the ‘Food Away from the Western Front’ on the people who either took part in the project or attended events.

Knowledge and Understanding

Food from many countries at the Holst Museum event on 14.10.18 (Photo: AFTWF)

Participants learnt more about both the Salonika Campaign and Holst and his music:

  • I have only eaten corn (maize) bread in the USA before, I didn’t realise it came from Greece. (event attendee)
  • I came to the event to understand more about a member of my family who fought in Salonika. (event attendee)
  • It is surprising to hear that some soldiers ate well during WWI. (event attendee)
  • I didn’t know the war had been fought near Greece. (event attendee)

Attitudes and Values

As a result of taking part in the project, Holst Birthplace Museum volunteers changed their attitudes towards their research activities:

  • Being able to give our volunteers more in depth research has given them a renewed sense of purpose and inspired them to spend more time working with the museum. (museum curator)

Enjoyment, Creativity and Inspiration

People found the project enjoyable, giving them an experience which brought heritage into their lives in a positive way:

Children making a model of a YMCA hut at the Holst Museum event on 14.10.18 (Photo: AFTWF)

  • Holst lived here with soldiers. (child aged 7 who made a YMCA hut)
  • It has been enormously enjoyable to play with John he is such a talent. (musician)
  • I enjoyed the music, my granny sang these songs. (event attendee)
  • I have really enjoyed researching a different side to Holst especially reading his letters to Isobel. (museum volunteer)


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