AFTWF Charity

Extract from an Ottoman map of Gallipoli (Source: Wikipedia)

Away from the Western Front was a registered Charitable Incorporated Organisation (number 1167582) established in June 2016 and dissolved in July 2019. It was governed by a Board of Trustees and it did not employ any staff.

The objectives of Away from the Western Front were:

  • to advance the education of the public in the subject of the origins, events and legacy of World War One away from the Western Front, particularly in relation to campaigns fought by the British in battlefields such as Salonika and the Balkans, Gallipoli, Italy, Africa and Middle East regions including Mesopotamia, Egypt and Palestine
  • to ensure through study and commemoration that all those who fought in those campaigns are not forgotten, in such ways as the charity trustees think fit, including:
    • by providing information
    • by raising awareness
    • by carrying out research
    • by supporting others to help achieve our objects

The Trustees of Away from the Western Front were:

  • David Crampin CBE
  • Lyn Edmonds
  • Alan Wakefield
  • Steve Warburton