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19 July 2018

Designs for the banner panels are beginning to come thick and fast now, and the story is taking shape. These photos were taken at the Minehead Quilters’ meeting on 16 July.


8 July 2018

Jane Sharp with two completed panels, 8 July 2018 (Photo: AFTWF)

We enjoyed meeting Jane for an update on the project’s progress. It was lovely to be able to handle two of the completed panels which look even better than they do in the photos. We discussed the various equine topics which will form the basis of the interpretative banner and shared ideas for the possible inclusion of others. Jane explained how the individual panels will be sewn together and separated by sashing. The group is still considering whether the banner could be double-sided and will update us as the work progresses.


4 July 2018

Work is well under way, and several members of the quilting group have started putting needle to fabric (see below – click on any photo for a slide show containing larger versions). Here are some of their comments about the project:

  • Really interesting to tell someone’s story in a different medium that will hopefully appeal to a wide audience.  Alma
  • It has made me more aware of the terrible conditions the men were subjected to.  Barbara
  • Having personally visited Gallipoli it has made me aware of the difficulties of the terrain the soldiers encountered.  Rosemary
  • If I had known the horse was shot at the end I wouldn’t have done it!  I would have cried.  Avril


18 April 2018

The project got off to a good start when members of the Minehead Quilting Group met Susan Burnett who introduced the theme of the project, with particular reference to the story of her grandfather Norman Woodcock.


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