A 1929 Competition

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A 1929 Competition

Our Creative Writing Competition is not a new idea – in 1929 the magazine of the Salonika Reunion Association, ‘The Mosquito’, ran a Christmas short story competition for its members. They were veterans of the campaign, of course, so the entries were based on actual experience. Here is the announcement and a reminder from ‘The Mosquito’.


Salonika competition announcement The Mosquito No. 7 Sept 1929 p.9 (© Salonika Campaign Society)

Salonika story competition reminder The Mosquito No. 7 Sept 1929 p.25 (© Salonika Campaign Society)


And here are the winning entries. Belated congratulations to Mr. Bowler, Mr. Bunning and Mr. Beer! (Click to enlarge)

Salonika competition winners The Mosquito Dec 1929 p.18-19 (© Salonika Campaign Society)


The photo shows soldiers enjoying a Christmas game of football two years before the one Mr. Bowler describes.

Officers and men of 26th Divisional Ammunition Train (Army Service Corps) playing football in Salonika, Christmas 1915 © IWM (Q 31576)

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